Fall Colors + Pajama Day

Dress: Francesca's
Tights: Zappos
Shoes: Forever 21
Cardi: Target
Belt: Forever 21

I felt oh-so-fall-y in this outfit. I loved the colors and the layers and it basically just made me happy despite the fact that it was already dark outside when we were taking pictures even though it was approximately 2pm.

Also, I took a for reals pajama day yesterday. Because of this:

I think running 13 miles justifies a pajama day.


  1. Uh, yeah. I think you deserve an entire month of pajama days after 13 miles of running. Bravo.

  2. I can tell yellow is your favorite color! :)

  3. way to go, that's so impressive! i love running and have always wanted to do a half/whole marathon, but i have shin splits that will not die (ugh). you must feel so amazing after your half marathon!
    and i love your yellow cardigan and striped skirt.


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