Real Life Inspiration: Friends & Family Friday

Let’s be honest: pinterest is a total time suck. A lovely and inspiring time suck, but a time suck nonetheless. I love finding ideas there, especially for outfits – if I ever can’t figure out what to wear, my trusty style board is a lifesaver.

Still, and i know this may shock you, but I do like to interact with the real world on occasion, too. And I sometimes even get inspired while not on the computer! So on Fridays, I’ll be featuring some of my favorite real-life inspirations.

To kick things, off, meet one of the best-dressed girlies I know – my sister! And she’s living in Spain for a year, which basically upps her fashion quotient by about a million.

I love this cargo jacket of hers. Since it’s not very fitted and a tiny bit tough, I love that she paired it with a cute stripey shirt and jeans with a belt to give some definition. Also, she is the pretty sister. Life isn’t fair.

Also, question – for anyone who has me on their Google Reader, have the last few posts been showing up? Or is my Reader just wonky?

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