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Dress: H&M; Button down: H&M; Tights: Forever 21; Heels: Steve Madden; Belt: thrifted
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When I asked Dan what I should do for the “Decade or Region” prompt, he immediately was like, “50s, of course!” I do love the 50s, what with their high waists and swirly twirly skirts and music and such. The polka dots and fullness of this dress has always felt a little 50s inspired to me, so I paired it with some red heels and called it good. I know this would’ve been even better with some red lips, but I’m sadly totally lacking in the red lipstick department. May need to remedy that asap.

Oh, and several events and an extra weekend day for the challenge combined to give you a second, regional outfit: a) I was sick all weekend (blah) so I b) was not helping out, as I usually do, with the tiny nursery kids at church which meant that c) I was not going to be crawling around on the floor chasing Legos all Sunday. So I figured that d) I’d bust out one of my saris that I rarely get to wear. I decided to just wear it as a skirt and added some pleather to dress it down a bit and quite liked the outcome, except for the not being able to walk part since I skipped the pleats. Can’t have it all, I guess.

Sari: India (gift from my uncle before my wedding); Jacket: Target; Heels: Payless; Bangles: India

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