On blazers, red pants, and mottos

Pants: Old Navy; Blazer: H&M; Blouse: Thrifted; Shoes: Forever 21; Glasses: Coastal Contacts

What is it about blazers that make you feel instantly put together? We were still only a day out of vacation when I wore this outfit (also, why does it take me like 3 days to get back into things after a vacation?) so my motto was basically: "wear clothes that are not pajamas." (My motto for the first day is "wear clothes, probably pajamas." in case you were wondering.) So that meant a comfy, floofy blouse with no jewelry. Except the blazer made me somehow feel like I knew what I was doing.

I think my new motto should be "when in doubt, wear a blazer." Or perhaps I need to review my life priorities...


  1. That's probably why I never wear blazers, I never feel put together!

  2. It's true...Blazers are the best. I love your outfit and you shoes!

  3. Oh, I so love blazers, I could just sing about them. (but no one wants to hear THAT.) Blazers are the great work horses of a wardrobe, they work with everything and can really pull together an outfit.

    I really like how you pulled this together, the gray blazer with the lacey top and red pants is way too cute and your shoes are the perfect touch. (They are really cute shoes!)


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