Trouser Jeans + Stripes

Jeans: Banana Republic; Shirt: Forever 21; Scarf: H&M; Heels: Steve Madden; Belt: Thrifted; Weird Poses: Made by Me

To be honest, this outfit felt a little boring at first.* I'm pretty sure it entailed a day at the library or something, so I need to be able to crawl around on the ground without upsetting any middle-aged librarians, because I generally try to stay in their good books.** Anyway, jeans were the order of the day. So what did I do? I threw on red heels and a scarf. That right there is my magic formula for staving off The Boring - red heels and a scarf. Next I'll be telling you all about my hidden middle school crushes.

*Will I be cast out of the fashion blogging world now? For not changing out of a kind-of boring outfit?
**No joke, I didn't even realize the pun in that until after I wrote it. I am so clever. And maybe need a new hobby.


  1. Those librarians probably LOVE you.

  2. These jeans are really cute on you, it's a very classic look with the striped shirt and red heels. (I love the chunkiness of the scarf, it looks really warm and adds great texture to your outfit.)

  3. Really cute and nautical.


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