Skinnies Requiem

Cardi: Gap; Blouse: Banana Republic; Skinnies: H&M; Boots: Payless; Scarf: old; Sunglasses: Forever 21
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The other day, I went to put on my beloved skinnies and realized there was a hole just below the right knee. I was heartbroken.* I continued wearing them that day (I knew we'd be walking a bit to the Natural History Museum, which was awesome and Nat especially loved the butterfly exhibit), but that may very well be the last time you see them on this here blog.**

Also, I realize I've worn these boots for approximately 723 posts in a row, but it's winter in DC. Just think of it as a crash course in a thousand ways to remix boots.

*Maybe heartbroken is a leeetle strong.
**That's a lie. I will continue to wear them until they are torn to shreds.


  1. What a gorgeous background for photos! I love the black and brown combo. I've been all about it as of late :)

  2. what a great look and indeed, the background is wonderful!!! Thanks so much for always leaving such nice comments on my blog, it means the world to me!
    xxx Anita

  3. don't you just love those boots? i wear mine with literally everything.

  4. That's so sad about your skinnies, that's the worst when you get a hole in your beloved item! Love how you took these pics on the mall. I went to UMD so I was in DC a lot during my college years. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Those boots are great. I can't believe they're from Payless! And it is always a sad day when a beloved pair of jeans, or any piece really, gets a hole. :(


  6. Finding holes in your favorite items is the worst! It makes me want to cry. Cute blog!

    Along Abbey Road
    Sprightly So


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