A Thought on Moms & Clothes

This morning, we had playgroup at the park because it’s 70 degrees outside (whaaa?). Because it’s so nice out, I felt obligated to wear a skirt (OTI post tomorrow!). At one point, I realized my sweater had sand all over it, and then I came home and noticed the smooshed snack crumbs stuck on it and wondered if I should’ve worn something different. But Kayla made a great point that sometimes, we just have to take the opportunities to put on real-people clothes when we get the chance, or make the chance.

I feel like sometimes, as a mostly SAHM, I feel silly wearing a skirt to the library or cute shoes to Target. I worry about getting raisins or sunflower seeds stuck to my blouse. I wonder if it’s really worth the effort to figure out an outfit, and if I look overdressed or silly.

But then, when I do make an effort to think about the way I dress, I feel better about myself and my abilities. I’m encouraged to be more productive when I’m not wearing sweats.

Now, I’m definitely not advocating contorting ourselves into clothes that will cause major flashage on the slide, and I think jeans are generally an awesome staple. But I think moms deserve to feel cute and interesting, too. And, dare I say, I think it often makes me a better mother when I feel more confident in myself and my divine abilities.

And what is laundry for if not to remove baby schmootz?

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  • I am not a mom yet, but I really enjoyed your post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I totally agree that it is worth it to get dressed up when going little places…or even staying at home. Just being a cute outfit can make your day better.
    Alesha <3

  • I'm not a mom either, but I understand what you're saying. I teach 2nd grade and every now and then it's so easy for me to think, "No need to dress up. I'm just going to get marked up, coughed on, and dusty by 9am." Then I realized that getting dressed makes ME feel happy, it sparks conversations with my students, and my students/parents respect me! I could definitely be like my teacher counterparts and dress in a sweatshirt in Ugg boots…but! I love my ruffle skirts, rhinestone ballet flats, and cropped blazers.

    I found you from a comment you left on Shey of Modesty is Pretty's blog post. I'm Chandra and I blog over at More Modern Modesty (MOMOMOD).


  • I totally agree. As a stay home mom, it's sometimes hard to decide what outfits to wear, whenever I dress up in my best, I feel it's a little too much for daily errands, but sometimes I do get a little bored with a pair of jeans and top. Well …I guess we will find the balance. Thanks for sharing this 🙂 I think I forgot to follow you the last time I dropped by. I am following you now.


  • I love this! I live in a city where most people are super casual…even to the point that they will leave the house in their pjs so I have to think about if I'm overdressing or not sometimes.
    Even just a pair of heels makes me feel better though 🙂

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