Dressing Down a Dress

Dress: Downeast Basics; Shirt: F21; Belt: thrifted; Shoes: Target; Cute baby: made by husband & me
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It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the material of this dress is a little more formal - it's a lovely cotton/silk blend that lays really nicely and is lovely to the touch. Unfortunately, this has meant that I've struggled with how to dress it down a bit. Finally, it dawned on me - stick some stripes under it, duh. Officially casualized.

Also, these pictures were taken on our very street. Is spring in DC not glorious?


  1. The stripes and flats turned the dress into a cute, casual look! I love that photo with your son, too cute!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Oh, it does look like you're having some wonderful weather! Way to make that dress work for on more than just special occasions :)

  3. your son is TOO cute!!! And you look beautiful, the dress is adorable!

  4. This is exactly what I did when I did my little black dress five ways! Great minds :)

    Oh, and your street is gorgeous!

  5. Great photos and your little guy is such a cutie!
    Yay for figuring out how to get more use out of a beautiful dress. :)

  6. Glorious, indeed! These photos are gorgeous, I particularly love the mommy/son pic. That smile!

    Love the dress/striped shirt combo, by the way.


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