Oh Those Summer Days

Shirt: Old Navy; Undershirt: Downeast; Jeans: F21; Necklace: H&M; Ring: F21; Shoes (not pictured): J.Crew; Picnic basket: Thrifted in Washington state by my amazing husband as a gift while we were dating
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The weather here has been beyond gorgeous the last week. Pretty much every afternoon, Dan comes home from work and we spend several hours outside at the park. We picnicked outside a couple of times and it was glorious. All this is to say that I had no desire to get dressed in layers and fussy outfits. I basically want to wear comfy clothes that will withstand a little dirt and sunshine. I mean, who wants to try to sit cross-legged in a pencil skirt while drinking lemonade on a picnic blanket? So, comfy casual it is.

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