Thank you!

First things first: thank you thank you for all of your incredibly kind and supportive comments regarding this baby! We are overwhelmed with how much love surrounds this wee one already. Seriously, this is what makes the Interwebs awesome.

Many of you were also curious as to when this babe will be making his or her appearance. Best guesses say mid- to late-September, putting Nat & #2 at just a few weeks shy of 2 years apart. It will be crazy and exhausting, I’m sure, but we couldn’t be more thrilled.

As for the gender, we won’t know that for another month or two. We will definitely be finding out (or, at least, definitely trying to find out, so long as Baby is cooperative), so I’ll keep you posted!

Any other questions?

Now for a few photos of an outfit that is, in my opinion, perfect for the start of spring. Bright, comfy, and excellent for many, many hours spent at the playground.

Cardi: Target; Blouse: Banana Republic; Jeans: F21; Boots: Payless; Belt: H&M

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