Easter Egg

Dress: Shabby Apple; Cardi: American Eagle (borrowed from sister); Slip: made by me; Necklace: F21; Shoes: Target
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Yes, yes, I know everyone else already posted about Easter yesterday, but we were fortunate to still have family and productivity in town yesterday, so today it is.  Dan kept calling me his Easter egg that day since I looked springy and slightly round.  I chose to laugh.

I love Easter, and it was especially lovely this year.  Dan's mom and sister were in town, and my parents joined us, and we all celebrated the special season and my dad's birthday, which happened to fall on the same day, as well as Dan's birthday (next Sunday).

Spanish aprons sent by my sister 
Menu: Artichoke/tomato lasagna, Roasted asparagus/Brussels/carrots, Mashed potatoes, Lemon roasted potatoes, Spinach/grape/almond salad, Zucchini almond saute, Homemade bread, Almond cake

"Why are we taking pictures instead of going down the slide?" Also, please note the random making-out couple.

I also got to experience my own little Easter miracle this year.  I'd been sick for about a week, and my voice was still gravely and horrid-sounding.  I tried to warm up that morning before choir practice and, for those of you who sing, couldn't even hit the C above middle C (I'm a soprano). I was singing several obligatos that involved high As, so I figured there was no chance I'd be able to sing.  I was really disappointed since the music we were singing was so, so beautiful, and is my favorite part of Easter remembrance, but I tried to console myself by focusing on still getting to play my violin, at least.

Still, Dan and I decided to head to choir practice that morning, anyway.  I warned the other girl singing the obligatos that I probably wouldn't be singing.  As we got closer, my voice was feeling surprisingly good, so I went for it.  Somehow, I hit every note, both then and in the performance.  And then later that day, I couldn't even make it through a whole hymn without my voice breaking.  It was really special.


  1. I love those shoes with that dress!

  2. You look so cute in that yellow dress and floral print cardigan! Sounds like you had a great Easter with your family :) I'm cracking up at the couple that photobombed you...luckily they're in the corner so you can crop them out!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. I love that photo of all the family. You're really starting to show now, how exciting!!! We love you guys. Come to nyc some time.

  4. Sound like a fantastic weekend! And delicious food!!

  5. You are so cute! I love your baby bump and that beautiful yellow dress with the lace slip. Perfect for Easter!

  6. Such a cute dress, and I love the lace slip peeking out. The cardigan is lovely too!

  7. cute dress!


  8. Oh my gosh - these are some of my favorite outfits! Love the yellow and the aprons are too cute. Thanks for sharing. Have a fun fun trip!



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