Guest Post: Grace at Camp Patton

I'm currently on vacation in Australia and New Zealand, and while I can only attempt to smuggle back so many koalas, I'm at least leaving you with some fabulous guests posts.  Today, we have Grace from Camp Patton.  I always get excited when posts from Grace pop up in my Reader because I love hearing about her baby wrangling exploits via her hilarious storytelling.  Welcome, Grace!

Greetings Lace etc. readers! And welcome to the guest posting topic de jour, my terribly trendy and terribly guilty pleasure: thrift store scavenging. If I'm ever able to break free from the clutches of my children's paws and leave them with someluckyone else for more than a few minutes I can probably be found scouring the racks of the Goodwill that is mere blocks from my house. I have an awful habit of buying dresses that are too big with the hope that I can alter them enough to pass as public friendly. Sometimes I'm successful and other times I am most definitely not. I bought a big and boxy black dress last summer but didn't get around to fixing it until December. And I didn't get around to actually wearing until this past weekend to a semi-fancy dinner hosted by my husband, Simon's, employer. 

I'm the one in the black dress.
(not pictured, our confused babysitter watching us take these photos)

After I barricaded myself in the bathroom, ignored the children's pleas to cling, washed my person and hair during the same shower, and got dressed I realized that I was wearing all thrifted items (barring my underclothing).

The dress and belt I found at my local Goodwill but the shoes I found down in Austin hours before a wedding for which I desperately needed black shoes. Lucky Duck.

The great thing about thrifting and altering bigger dresses is that the length tends to stay "big" (long) and be more mom, church, modest, and only-had-time-to-shave-below-
my-kneecaps appropriate.

I know I join all of you in being an ugly shade of green with envy of Preethi and her family on their vaca in paradise but I'll eventually find it in my selfish heart to forgive her. I hope you can too.

Thanks so much for having me Preethi!


  1. Love that dress. You look gorgeous, grace. And you know how I love a good thrifted refashion!

  2. Grace, you look fabulous! I love wearing all-thrifted outfits. Makes me feel so wonderfully cheap.

  3. "Only had time to shave below my kneecaps" ROFL
    That's the story of my shower hygiene life.

  4. "only-had-time-to-shave-below-
    my-kneecaps appropriate."
    You have a unique way of expressing what we all do Grace. :)

  5. You are my thrifty, funny-talkin' hero, woman!

  6. If I knew how to sew, I would thrift. And if I was a good thrifter, I might learn to sew. Or I can just keep getting inspired by you:) Cute dress :)

  7. awesome thrift finds!!! it's amazing what people give away, isn't it??

  8. This is exactly why thrifting is the best.. she looks amazing!

  9. Look at you stylish lady!
    Can you overnight that outfit to me by Tuesday so I can wear it to Josh's employer's Gala?


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