Guest Post: Rachel Sayumi

I'm currently on vacation in Australia and New Zealand, and while I can only attempt to smuggle back so many koalas, I'm at least leaving you with some fabulous guests posts.   Today, we have Rachel Sayumi.  I love all Rachel's fun accessories with a bit of vintage flair.  Welcome, Rachel!

Hey, readers of Lace, Etc!

My name is Rachel Sayumi {} and I blog over at xoxo Rachel Sayumi.
I'm all about modesty; Modest dressing on a modest budget!

I purchase my clothes mainly at Target,Forever21,and THRIFT STORES!
Today I just want to take a shirt,and show you guys the many ways I changed it up.

I decided to feature my lace shirt I purchased at Forever21. I thought it'd be appropriate for this blog called Lace,etc. (:

Before I started my blog,I was boring. I only wore certain shirts with certain pants and certain shoes, etc. This is the only combination I would wear it as for a while:

Of course, I still think it's a cute outfit,and there's nothing wrong with it. But since I paid $20 for the shirt,why not maximize the way I use it,right?

After I started my blog, I started wearing my lace shirt in different ways.

I started off by just wearing it with different skirts and a belt.

Then I thought...

Why not wear a collared shirt UNDER it,and a skirt OVER it right?

Or how about adding colored pants to it?

Layer a cardigan or cropped jacket over it?

And instead of a necklace, how about an infinity scarfy?

so I hope that some of these outfits may have inspired some new looks for you guys!
if you can... Invest in a lace shirt! It can go a LONG ways!

Thank you so much, Preethi for havin me over in your space!
I hope you all come visit my blog and say hello! (:

Rachel Sayumi.


  1. ADORE the chambray underneath the lace, such a classic and chic look! Really fun to see all the ways that you wore your lace top...inspiring for me :)

    <3 Cambria

  2. Love the lace top! Here is a great lace top for $25.95

  3. Your taste in fashion is incredible ! Love this post !



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