Navy & Grass, Take 2

Cardi: Gap; Button down: H&M; Skirt: eShakti; Tights: old; Necklace: old; Shoes/coat: F21 
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This weekend was one of my very favorite of the year - General Conference.  It's when the leaders of our church speak to us in 5 different sessions over the course of the weekend, and it's broadcast around the world.  Cool, right?  So the days were filled with lots of cooking and eating*, having a dear friend in town, cuddling in pajamas, singing along with the TV, and, finally, a family walk after Nat was frantically trying to put his shoes on and open the door from being cooped up all day.

We also have a tradition of going to the temple the night before Conference starts.  This time, Nat was sick, so we couldn't leave him with a babysitter, but it was still lovely going all together.  And he had a ball watching church movies in the visitors' center and trying to pull all the petals off the flowers.  What more could you ask for in a weekend?

*Quiche with caramelized onions/tomatoes/poblano peppers, apple/cheddar scones, hashed potatoes, cashew vegetable curry with rice & quinoa pilaf, pasta with arugula/parsley pesto, and homemade panaforte ice cream, in case you were wondering.  It was a good weekend.

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  1. green is my favorite color! and scalloped green skirt is so cute!

    saw you on real momma, real style

  2. i love the skirt, it looks wonderful!

    xxx Anita

  3. LOVE your skirt, and those wedges are so fun! :)

  4. love the skirt! I haven't really seen anything like it.


  5. I love the color of this dress!!!


  6. That skirt is to die for! I love scallops, I might need. :) Always love your posts!

  7. Gorgeous skirt and those shoes are so much fun. And just reading about your weekend feast is making me hungry ... :)

  8. I love your coat. I've been digging houndstooth lately.

    Reading about your conference feast is making me salivate. Is your cashew veggie curry recipe something you can share? I'm on the lookout for the good one. I've tried a recipe with chickpeas. I liked it, but my omnivorous family wasn't so keen. I think they might be more receptive to a vegetarian recipe if it has cashews in it. :)

  9. I'm completely envious of your skirt. The coat and wedges are also super fun together.

  10. Love the skirt and wedges, also those tulips are so beautiful in bloom!

  11. Those are some KILLER shoes. Love it all!

  12. Love this color combo! And I love the skirt and wedges - rockin' it girl!

  13. I love your outfit and I am happy to hear you had a great week!

  14. this skirt is beautiful!! I love it and love how you wore it!


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