Playing Doubles




Bottom button down: Downeast (stolen from husband); Top button down: Benetton; Pants: Old Navy; Necklace: H&M; Shoes: Payless
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These were taken after the small one had been outside playing with dad for a whole 45 minutes and then saw me and desperately needed mama and only mama.  It was also dinner time, and much sadness was about to ensue, so I figured a guest appearance and the resultant fast-and-poorly-shot photos would be a price worth paying for one day.  Maybe I should’ve waited for him to be distracted by the two “DOG!!!”s we saw a minute later, but that would’ve meant taking photos in front of their owners and my friends.  And we all know I only take pictures in front of random strangers I hope to never see again.
On an unrelated note, Happy Easter weekend!!  I’m so grateful for this time of year and all it represents.  For some uplifting and inspiring thoughts, photos and videos, feel free to hop over here!


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