Hello, all!  We are officially back home and are on a completely weirdo schedule.  Our flight got in at 11pm DC time last night, the baby was wide awake until 3, and we woke up at 10.  The baby’s still sleeping now, at 11:30am, although that’s only 8:30 California time (where we were for a 24-hour layover), and only 1:30 Sydney time, so I can’t blame him.

All this is to say that we’re a little loopy still, but could not be more thrilled with our whole adventure.  Everything was as perfect and beautiful and amazing as we could’ve imagined, we got to do everything we wanted, the weather was beyond gorgeous, and Nat slept on every flight.  We got to see fjords (best word ever?), mountains, beaches, and lots and lots of animals.  Nat particularly enjoyed running and playing with the baby kangaroos (yes, I almost died of the cuteness, thank you for asking).

In any case, huge thanks to the amazing guest posters, readers, etc. etc. You guys are fabulous!  It will probably take me a few days to dig out and actually manage to get dressed in some sort of semi-blog-worthy outfit (clean clothes, how I love you!), but rest assured that you’ll be bombarded with lots of pictures, unsolicited advice (travel-with-a-toddler tips, why you should never fly United, packing counsel), and gushing about the beauty present in that part of the world.  Stay tuned! 🙂

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