Four years ago today, I married my best friend.  It was an amazing,
busy, peaceful, whirlwind, gorgeous, joyful day, and that kind of
describes how the past four years have been.  Part of me feels like,
“Really? Where have the past 4 years gone?” and another part of me feels
as though we’ve been married forever.  Either way, I pretty lucky to be
married to the person who is STILL my best friend, with whom I love
both to traverse the globe and sit giggling on our living room couch;
with whom I love to read books, cook, and eat; who supports me in my
hobbies and is passionate about his own; and who helps me make some
pretty darn cute babies.  It doesn’t get much better than that.




Wedding photos by the incredible Anna Page, and family photo by the talented and patient Katie Hart

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