I have it pretty easy, I'd say.  I live in a fantastic city.  I have a job I love that allows me to work a few hours a week from home.  I have opportunities to travel and meet and learn from people around the world.  I have a wonderful family and friends.  I have two actual and many more symbolic mothers (and fathers) who teach me about sacrifice and generosity and kindness.  And very most importantly, I have two other jobs that I would trade for not one thing - wife and mother.

Yesterday, as I sat in church, I reflected on the fact that I get to experience the two biggest blessings I can imagine.  I thought about how I not only get to be married, but my husband is someone who considers my needs before every one of his.  There were dozens of little Mother's Day considerations and gifts filled with thought and love. There were baby giggles and cuddles and slobbery kisses.

I'm sobered when I remember those who want to but can't yet experience families of their own, and love them all the more for it.  My dear friend Rachel lost her baby son to a rare genetic syndrome a few weeks ago.  Her sweet boy was born just a couple of months after Nat, and I remember emailing each other during pregnancy and in the new phases of mommyhood and hearing her joy.  Despite how utterly heartbreaking the last few months were, they only made her kinder and more conscious of those around her.  We were supposed to meet up with her when we passed through San Francisco on our way back from Australia, but, of course, her baby's passing a few days before and needing to go to Utah for his burial prohibited that.  Another friend told me that Rachel had called her the morning after and asked her to apologize to me for not being able to be there.  Then at his funeral, she told the same friend's baby that they were going to be little buddies.  At such a time, I think I'd have little energy to think of anyone else, much less befriend another's baby.  And through it all, her trust that her family would still be together forever never wavered.  She's an inspiration to me of faith and courage.

I sometimes feel guilty that I get to experience the blessings I do.  It hardly seems fair, especially since I've done nothing special to deserve them.  But Rachel's faith and kindness remind me that for today, for now, I'll just be grateful.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing example. It really does make you grateful. Thanks for sharing, and happy mothers day!


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