Not-Quite Summer

Anniversary Dinner
Blurried fascination by the dolphins at the Baltimore Aquarium

Pondering (entirely unposed)

 Memorial Weekend Strawberry Picking

I will never stop laughing at this picture
A little obsessed with the tractors, both real and pretend

Also obsessed with the rubber ducky derby

Memorial Day

Patriotic Shortcake

Outer Banks

Williamsburg & Richmond

Buz & Ned's
Blurry but cute

Birthday Pink Lady Cake Evening

Tomato corn quiche

Nice park friend's car


  1. Love the time of year when it's warm enough to do lots of fun things but not scorching! Very cute pictures!

    And is your swimsuit maternity?

  2. love the corn cob phone picture! was he pretending they were phones? so funny and we can't wait to see you guys.

  3. Your pictures are so cute! Miss you guys


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