An Outfit I Don't Love + Baby Pictures

Don't you really want to see after that rousing title?  You know how some outfits just look better in your head and in the mirror than they do in pictures?  I didn't even bother with a front view because it looked so boxy and just...not good.  I suppose this is why Cher doesn't rely on mirrors and takes Polaroids (ahh, the days of...).

Proceed at your own risk.  But if you do, I'll reward you with cute pictures of my baby at the end.  Because doesn't everyone want to see cute pictures of my baby?

Shirt: Old Navy; Skirt: Banana; Shoes: Old Navy; Bracelet: F21


  1. AH! You the the cutest pregnant lady in the world!!! I love love love this outfit, you're totally inspiring me today :)

  2. I can't speak for the front view...but from the side and angle?! This is an INCREDIBLE outfit!!! I love the two patterns you mixed, they just have such sweet vintage charm...and I like the button down over teh full skirt.

    <3 Cambria

  3. Those watermelon pictures are ADORABLE.

    Your little family is so cute.

  4. Um, this outfit is adorable!! The patterns mix SO well and you are just the cutest preggo ever. I keep seeing all these super cute and stylin' preggos and it makes me wish we were still having kids. Then I look back at pictures of my gargantuan self when i was pregnant and I remember what is was like for me. lol And then I'm glad we're done having kids. =)

    I love when kids attack their watermelon! So cute!

  5. Super cute outfit!


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