Pregnancy Wardrobe: Maxi Dress 5 Ways

One minor pregnancy inconvenience is losing a good bit of your wardrobe (although nursing cuts out even more, but that’s neither here nor there).  Since Janssen, Merrick, and I are all pregnant, we thought it would be fun to do a feature on how to use a few staple items to create a bunch of belly-friendly outfits.

My pick?  The ubiquitous maxi dress.  You’ve probably heard many a blogger extol their virtues: pajama-like comfort, versatility, removing the need to shave legs…  So here’s one more – excellent during pregnancy.  No waistbands to itch and adjust, comfortable, and still (relatively) cool during the hot summer months.  They’re also readily available right now, and it’s ridiculously easy to make a basic one (I made the one I’m wearing in about half an hour).  Win win win win…win.

So take a look below for 5 outfits out of one maxi dress!

The Basics

The dress by itself is fine, but booooring (and rather muu muu-like).  Even with the added belt, it’s just not that exciting.  I think the key to flattering maternity outfits is making sure you still have some structure and definition to your waist, thereby emphasizing your belly, be it through a belt, a button, a knot or a drape.  Read on to see how I used all of these!

Outfit 1: Dressy

Blouse: Banana; Belt: thrifted; Necklace: F21; Heels: Payless

My one struggle with maxis is that they’re sometimes tricky to dress up.  There are some cute ones in silky and chiffon fabrics.  But to me, one of the big reasons for wearing a maxi is comfort, so I love soft and cozy cotton ones, which are harder to fancify.  But add a silk top, some pearls, and some sparkly shoes, and you have an outfit ready for church or date night.

Outfit 2: Vested

Vest: thrifted with sleeves cut off; Scarf: India; Sandals: Payless

Vests and scarves are easy ways to perk up an otherwise dull outfit.  Vests and scarves of the silky variety have the added benefit of not adding too much bulk and heat.

Outfit 3: Tied

Button down: Old Navy; Necklace: clothing swap; Bangle: F21; Sandals: Old Navy

I love the look of button downs tied at the bottom, but they’re a little difficult to pull off with a big belly.  With a maxi, you can tie up high and the dress still covers your belly.  The subtle pattern mixing adds some extra interest.

Outfit 4: Shortened

Necklace: H&M; Heels: Steve Madden

Who says a maxi has to stay long its whole life?  Try using a side or back knot to have your dress pull double duty.  If it’s not a million degrees where you live, you could even try throwing another floofy skirt on top.

Outfit 5: Blazer or Cardigan

 Blazer: J.Crew; Necklace: old; Shoes: Steve Madden

Adding a blazer or cardigan on top of your dress adds interest structure to an otherwise plain outfit.  Throw in a necklace with a cute little bow and you’re all set!

So there you have it – maxi to the rescue.  Now go check out Merrick and Janssen’s awesome outfits!


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