Tee: F21; Shorts: Gap; Shoes: F21; Necklace: H&M

I’ve been having a hard time styling shorts lately.  Or maybe summer clothes in general.  Layers make things interesting, but when it’s 98 degrees out, I’m lucky to be wearing a shirt (or maybe it’s everyone else that’s lucky).  But throw on a statement necklace and some fun wedges and I actually felt like I had an outfit.

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  • I HATE getting dressed in the summer because in all honesty naked would be my preference, but since that is socially unacceptable I usually throw on some shorts and a shirt. But I never feel put together. You, on the other hand, look great!!

  • Summer can be a pain sometimes when it comes to getting dressed, but I must say, you look lovely in your summer gear. Love the shoes…a pair needs to make their way into my closet!


  • That is EXTREMELY cute! I love it. I have been living in a jean skirt and different tops to get through the 3rd trimester in the summer here. I love your blog. You always look so cute!

  • Girl I was just catching up on blogs and just saw that you are pregnant too! Congrats! When is your baby girl due? I just stalked all of your posts since your trip 😛 I'm due November 26th with our first baby. I look forward to reading your journey along the way!

    Dearest Lou

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