Patriotrix, New York & the 4th

Dress: Old Navy; Shirt: Downeast; Sandals: Payless; Belt: Dollar Store; Hat: H&M

Just a couple of pictures snapped on the way to see fireworks yesterday.  There's something about red, white & blue that just gets me.

Also, you know the crazy storm DC had last weekend?  The one with 80 mph winds that knocked out power for MOST people in Arlington for anywhere from a day to 5 in 100 degree temps?  We must be cashing in on some good deed because we somehow managed to plan a trip to NY right during that time.  We heard about it after the fact and found out our power was out for over 36 hours.  In the aforementioned heat.  Yikes.

But not only did we get to escape the misery AND have our fridge food survive due to not being opened, we got to have an absolute blast with family in New York.  This was the first time Nat's seen these cousins (one is 1.5 years older and one is 2 weeks older) since he was two months old, and I cannot describe in words how much fun they had together.  There was dancing and going into the bedroom to see "treasures" and read books (parents not invited - Nat kindly and purposefully shut the door on us multiple times, saying, "bye!") and running in circles shrieking.  The hilarity, it was much.  Also, the chaos.  But mostly the hilarity.  Add to that a little detour to the Jersey shore for some time with a dear friend, a boat, and the beach, and you pretty much have a perfect long weekend.
 Levain Bakery chocolate-covered kisses for Aunt Cindy

Very excited to feed the sheeeeeep!

 Very excited dancing


Tell me this picture does not totally crack you up

 Nat's first motorized boat ride.  It was a little sunny.

Oh, and that 4th?  Morning pancake breakfast with friends, afternoon naps and cooking, 4th celebration, a picnic and fireworks from the PERFECT spot from Iwo Jima, and just being with my two favorite boys.  Oh, and hearing Nat yell, "WHOA!" and "YAAAAAYYYYEEEE!!" all during the show.  Y'all, it was a good day.

Nat kept trying to escape to run through the flower field behind us

Homemade bread, sweet potato burgers, potato salad, roasted corn on the cob, guac, blueberries, veggie toppings, caprese salad, bleu cheese, roasted poblano salsa & chips.  Yes, there were only 3 of us.
The view.  Amazing.

Hope you had a fabulous time, too!


  1. So darling! I love your checks! And it looks like a lovely day with family :)

    <3 Cambria

  2. You are so cute and your family is precious! Love that summery outfit :)


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