Pregnancy Style @ 31 Weeks: Pattern Mixing

 Blouse: Downeast; Skirt: Shabby Apple; Earrings: gift from friend; Wedges: Target

It's been a while since I've thrown in much pattern mixing.  Probably because it is TOO. DANG. HOT. (oh, was that me breaking the cardinal social rule of not talking about the weather?)  But I loved this subtle combo - the small pattern on top paired with a neutral color was enough to not make me feel even louder with my huge belly, but still add some extra interest.

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Oh, and we had another cousin-fest this weekend.  So fun.  Nat thinks his cousins are totally hilarious and discovered his undying love for horchata.  It was a good couple of days.
Nat's very serious about his book reading
After my orchestra concert
Everyone needs a bath picture, right?


  1. Bath pictures are essential.

  2. Adore the bath pic...every kid needs one of those :) And you look darling, this is my fav skirt of yours.

    <3 Cambria

  3. You look fabulous and so happily pregnant! Your belly is super sweet! ^^ Have a great day Preethi! xo Nikki

  4. Love your skirt.

  5. I love this skirt, its so cute on you. Ha-ha I think Fashion bloggers are allowed to talk about the weather because that directly relates to what we wear, or at least for me. I am not one to rough it when it comes to heat for fashion. Ha-ha You look great!


  6. Such a cute skirt! I got that skirt and it didn't look half as cute on me as it does you! You are totally rocking it!

  7. that skirt is so cute on you! had no clue you were pregnant til you turned to the side! :)

    C’s Evolution of Style


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