32 Week Style: Peaches & Cream

Shirt: F21; Lace tank: H&M; Skirt: Thrifted; Earrings: gift from friend; Sandals: Payless
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My beloved Trader Joe's carries a line of fruit & cream yogurts, my favorites being the peaches & cream and mangoes & cream (and by favorites, I mean that they're so delicious that I can't bear to branch out).  They are ridiculously tasty and don't have weird things in them.  Dan actually said the other day that he might take them over ice cream.  I suspect this is because the second ingredient is actually cream.

Anyway, I loved the pink & orange combo here - it's so summery and reminds me of those yogurts.  Cute and potentially tasty?  I'm sold.


  1. ooooooooo this colour combination just takes my breath away! love that creamy peach and brighter peach worn together.

    <3 Cambria

  2. Those yogurts are T's favorite thing in the world. When we're shopping, I'll often hold up the two different kinds (blueberry/vanilla vs. mango/peach) and mango/peach wins every time. Tonight I said the word "yogurt" in passing and he started flapping his arms and hyperventilating so, of course, I had to give some to him. :)

  3. You look cute pregnant, nice blog

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog. You look absolutely fabulous...congratulations on your soon to be new addition! My son loves those yogurts as well. He eats 2 at a time (he's only 4 years old).



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