33 Week Style: Stripes & Paisley


Shirt: Shade Clothing; Skirt & both necklaces: old and stolen from sister; Sandals: Payless
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You guys, I tried to wear pants this day.  And failed.  I was okay until we went on a walk outside and it was ridiculously humid and there were things. touching. my. legs.  And then we came inside and I immediately changed.  Alas.  I DO, however, have a newfound love for this shirt – I just got it and not only was it super cheap (with free shipping!), but it’s extra long and stretchy and covers my belly and is soft and has elbow sleeves and you can expect to see it about a bazillion more times in the next 6 weeks.
Also, we went to the county fair.  And Nat had his very first funnel cake.  It was probably my 2nd ever, come to think of it.  There was none left, of course.  I mean, freshly fried dough with powdered sugar?  What’s not to like?

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  • Aw, Nat's face is so cute in that funnel cake pic! Looks like a fun treat 🙂 And this shirt does look super cozy…keep pattern mixing the way you do and you can't go wrong 🙂

    <3 Cambria

  • I just bought this same shirt (with blue stripes) and almost returned it because it seems SO long right now. But your post convinced me that, yes, I will need something that long in a couple more months.

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