Chambray & Floral + JUNIEblake Giveaway Winner

Dress: Shabby Apple; Necklace/earrings: Blue Nile; Scarf: India; Seersucker belt: From another dress; Sandals: Target (way cheaper in store)
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(My compadre is back.  He's making a habit of this.)

So here's my thing with Shabby Apple.  They have cute dresses.  No doubt about that.  But the in-person fit is generally a little off.  Or maybe I just have a weirdly shaped body?  Probably that too.

In any case, they do have cute dresses.  Like this one, and I'm liking it more the more I wear it, which is, I think, a good sign.  And it's a chambray dress in an awesome wash - hard to go too wrong.

I loved it paired with a few little pops of floral via a sweet little (if slightly flight-attendantish) scarf and these amazing sandals that I got at the Target for $7.50.  I was crossing through the middle section to get from picking up fasteners in home improvement over to get some ibuprofen in the pharmacy and they called out to me.  You guys, they practically paid me to take them home.  How do I say no to that?


Congratulations, Cambria & Heather!  I'll email you shortly. :)  And thank you thank you to all who participated!  You guys are the best.  I have a few more giveaways coming up in the next month or two, so stay tuned!

(Also, I'm dumb.  Those of you who read this post this morning probably realized that in my worked-and-went-to-bed-too-late-last-night haze, I only selected one winner when, in fact, there should be two.  Apologies for any confusion!)


  1. I so agree about the weird fit of Shabby Apple. It's not just you :)

  2. OH HOORAY!!! Can't believe I won, super excited :D Love this chambray dress on you, it's got that straight from the past look that I just love. So feminine and adorable. I understand about fit though...I won a Shabby Apple giftcard once and tried four different dresses before deciding that they are never going to work for me :(

    <3 Cambria

  3. You are so cute! This dress looks amazing on you. :) I have never shopped at Shabby Apple.... Online stores scare me. I wish they didnt. but I am always afraid its going to arrive and I am going to be like "meh"


  4. Yeah! Thank you for updating and choosing the second person ;) for obvious reasons. Good to know about Shabby Apple dresses. I've alwyas eyed them but never tried one on.


  5. I 100% agree about the fit of Shabby Apple dresses. I have a few and never wear them because I always feel it's just a bit off.


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