Peach Picking and Why I Love Baby Carriers

This past weekend we went peach picking a little ways out of the city.
Sadly, the peaches were decidedly sub-par – hard and not very sweet.
Disappointment major, especially since we’ve successfully visited this
same orchard before.  Alas, we just had to fill our bags with tomatoes
and “nee-nee” (zucchini) and flowers instead.
“Baby peach!”




Also, I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love baby carriers, but I seriously do.  When we went to Africa when Nat was about 4 months old, he pretty much lived in the Moby Wrap.  It was comfortable and he was a lightweight (still is…) so it was great for traipsing around and having an extra blanket and being able to nurse completely discreetly even while walking the streets of Madrid or on safari.


When he started to get a little bigger (probably over 15 pounds), the
Moby wasn’t quite as great.  It’s lovely for when babies are really
small and want to snuggle in close and sleep, but not so much for active
toddlers.  We’d had a Snugli in
Nat’s first weeks of life (before I knew about some of the positioning
risks) and when he got bigger, it was hugely uncomfortable when I wore
it for more than 15 minutes.  So we looked into and purchased an Ergo, which I love dearly.  I (and Dan) wore it all around Africa and Nat contentedly rode around and slept on my back.  It was so fantastic for having my hands free and saving the stroller space for carrying our stuff (it is so so much easier to carry a 20-pound toddler on your back in the Ergo than it is a 20-pound backpack).
I was thrilled when Boba offered to send me one of their 3G Carriers.  I’d done a good bit of research before getting the Ergo and kind of wanted a Boba back then but it was expensive and there weren’t any going on Craigslist.  So I was super excited to try it out.
As I expected, the Boba was really comfortable and I hardly even felt Nat on me.  We’d gone on a “hike!” up to the very tippy top of the peach orchard and back in the hot hot sun, so we were all feeling a little tired and dehydrated so I popped him in as we were walking through the prickly raspberry patch (as much for my own sanity as his safety…if we’d let him, the child would’ve sat there ALL. DAY. LONG. stuffing his face with raspberries).  Even being tired and hot and with a huge belly, it was a breeze to wear and I feel like the chest straps are a little more adjustable and easier to get on by yourself than the Ergo.
Truth be told, some of the features that made me want the Boba over the Ergo aren’t really that useful, but the carrier itself is just as comfortable and well-made.  I thought I’d really love the purse straps on the shoulders and the zipper pocket to hold the detachable sleeping hood (the Ergo’s just folds into a pocket, but sort of stays hanging out).  Turns out that it’s still awkward to have a bag with a carrier no matter what, but I could see it being useful for a lightweight bag.  And the zipper pocket is nice for getting the hood out of the way, but that just means one fewer pocket for other things.  I wish the Boba had a big pocket on the front like the Ergo (it just has a smaller one on the waistband that is hard to get into) but to be honest, I’ve never used the Ergo pocket, either, so I suppose it’s not that big of a deal.
I AM super excited to try it out on an infant, though – the Boba snaps down to fit teeny ones without a separate insert.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!
So…any baby carrier questions?  Features/kinds you love?
PS – Yes, that is a Lucky Charms shirt that I’m wearing.  No, I don’t eat Lucky Charms (I’ve tried them maybe 4 times in my life).  For those who know me, I actually have kind of an aversion to most cereals, especially with milk (hurl) (except for Grape Nuts. those I love passionately) (I’m probably the first person ever to use “passionately” in the same sentence as “Grape Nuts.”) (You didn’t know I am a chronic parentheses abuser?).  Anyway, I worked for General Mills in my past life and still feel some affinity.  Plus, Nat loves the leprechaun.


(Many, many thanks to Boba for graciously sending me this carrier!  While they provided the item free of charge, any comments are entirely my own.)



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  • That looks like a great carrier! I've seen some pretty awful ones on the market that look like back/neck problems in the making 😛 Your peach picking expedition looks like oodles of fun and so tasty…I'm jealous! Such a sweet baby boy you have there.

    <3 Cambria

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