Pregnancy Style @ 32 Weeks: Bermudas

Blouse: c/o Go Jane; Shorts: Gap; Earrings: from Brasil; Shoes: F21

(Also, is it just me, or do I look huge in these pictures?)

It's strange to me when people think wearing a skirt or dress (especially cotton ones) is dressing up, since I pretty much live in them in the summertime.  I just think they are generally SO much more comfortable than pants or shorts when it's warm.  Being pregnant just magnifies this feeling - it's infinitely easier to fit dresses/skirts with a big belly.  So whenever I see pregnant women wearing pants or shorts, I wonder how they can possibly still fit into them.  And then I remember that other people are less cheap/lazy than I am and actually purchase maternity clothing.  Right.

In any case, yesterday I decided to go with my favorite shorts (I mean, they're seersucker) using the time-tested hair elastic + long tee trick and remembered that shorts aren't so bad, after all.

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  1. My fav little bird blouse! I just think that collared style is so sweet...and it dresses up your bermudas :)

    <3 Cambria

  2. I live in skirts and dresses, too, especially here in the Netherlands where shorts are less common (more hiking wear) unless you're wearing the really dressy ones--or the really short ones, which I don't because I don't have the legs of a skinny fourteen year old and I don't think I need to share so much thigh with other people.

    I also have a lot to learn about being pregnant, as I had to google the hair elastic trick. Good thing I'm not pregnant yet. By the time I get there, I'll know every trick in the book.

  3. Aw these look so cute on you! I know what you mean about people thinking Cotton dresses are dress, when I wear my maxi I get asked "whats the occasion" and I am like "There is none I threw a piece of cotton my my body and called it a day!" Also I agree with you about being pregnant, while I never have been. I have said to many people I would hate being pregnant during the summer because I am miserable with the heat to begin with, and many say what you say, its actually easier because you can just throw a maxi/summer dress on and call it a day. In the fall/winter you have to wear layers which makes it more uncomfortable!



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