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Skirt: Ann Taylor Outlet; Cardi: Target; Necklace: c/o Eclectic Ornaments (giveaway to come!); Wedges: Target; Babies: made by me (and husband)

I am SO HAPPY for fall.  And mustard.

Some assorted thoughts (doesn’t assorted sound better than random?  assorted makes you think variety!: good.  random makes you think variety: bad):

– Even though every one tells you not to worry about this, one of my biggest worries was loving this new baby as much as Nat.  This was especially true because while I, of course, loved Nat from the start, I feel like it took me a few weeks or months to get super ridiculously mama bear attached.  And then something happened and it clicked.  So I was concerned it would take a little while with this new little person around.  Well, I needn’t have worried because one thing about having an older child is it totally prepares your heart in a way that you couldn’t be prepared the first time around.  Weird as it sounds, I feel so much more ready to love a child this time.

– I seriously cannot make it a whole night without a snack.  Especially near the end of pregnancy, I don’t feel particularly hungry since there’s not much room left in there.  I’d forgotten how nursing makes it so that I’m constantly ravenous.

– Speaking of, I’d also forgotten how newborns eat all. the. time.

– It’s amazing how Nat seems positively HUGE all of a sudden.  He’s practically a grown man.  He not only seems physically big (hilarious as he’s spent the majority of his life practically not even on the weight charts), but mature and independent and social.  We can have a conversation!  He can tell me what he needs!  In words!

– Several kind people have asked me if we’re getting enough sleep.  To that I say, of course!  At this point, anyway, in the super-new stage and until Dan goes back to work (at which point I may well go crying to my mom and beg her to come stay with me all day every day).  I feel like this is the easier time to get rest – the baby pretty much only sleeps and eats, anyway.  You just have to be willing to dedicate more of your life to getting that sleep.  With Nat, we would literally be in bed for 10-12 hours each night so even if we had to wake up in the middle, we would still get a decent amount of sleep, just spread over a longer stretch.  Since Nat sleeps for 11-12 hours each night and naps for 2-3 hours each afternoon, that’s totally still possible.  We’re a little committed to sleep over here.  I’m also not turning my nose up at that glorious 6-hour stretch last night.

– Recovery is so much easier this time.  I don’t know if it’s because of it being the second or the quick labor & delivery or the lack of epidural, but I’ll take it.  We ventured on our first outing on Saturday (to the National Book Festival) and it was so nice to be out and about.  (Nat was also in heaven…books to read in cushy chairs and music and Legos and stuffed toys and coloring and a big truck and the Cat in the Hat??  Win.)

– Speaking of a big truck, Nat got to watch part of his very first movie this week while we were lounging at home.  Cars was a huge hit, to say the least.  Tears were only narrowly avoided when we turned it off by the reading of many books.

– Going back to the first thought of the first child preparing your heart – I felt this way during pregnancy, too.  I remember people asking if my second pregnancy was as exciting as my first, and wanting to tell them, it’s way MORE exciting!  Nat taught me just how incredible (and hard) being a mom really is, so I felt like I was looking forward to this baby even more.  Having him makes me mourn each passing stage a little less because I know just what to look forward to.  I’m not super sad that the first week has already gone by because I know how fun almost-2 will be.

– Speaking of Nat, he’s handled his new baby sister so much better than I ever would’ve dared hope.  He’s for sure a mama’s boy, so I was worried he would feel slighted with Carina’s arrival.  But he’s been so sweet about it and has bonded even more with his dad in the last few days, which has been wonderful.  He’s been great about just sitting next to me and reading books while I’m feeding her and waving at her and helping out in little ways.  I can’t wait to see their friendship develop.

– And with that, I’m going to go finally retrieve my older child, the one who decided to wake up after just 10 hours of sleep.  Oh, was that me you saw speaking too soon and not knocking on wood?

Oh, and some pictures from the Book Festival:


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