Blouse: thrifted; Cardi: Gap; Skirt: made by me; Necklace: made by my husband; Earrings: Shabby Apple; Scarf: F21; Heels: Payless
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I just felt so pretty in this outfit.  There’s just something about pink and gold and a shimmery scarf that is just so girly…maybe the fact that it’s pink and gold and shimmery.  I wore the outfit most of the day with the scarf (since I forgot to bring the baby carrier, anyway, so there was no risk of smothering her…dressing with a nursing infant is so hard), but I quite liked the necklace with the pretty bib on this blouse, too.  Which way do you like it better?

Also, this is what I wore to church the Sunday before New Year’s Eve since we stayed in on the actual night itself.  Because wearing gold sparkly heels while sitting on the floor (our Christmas tree has replaced our table for the last month) and feeding a 2-year-old sounded fun approximately not at all.  So I got dressed up for church instead.  Hello, my name is Preethi and I evidently consider church a comparable substitute for going out for NYE.

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