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Being a mom means learning how to juggle.  Not balls, although I imagine that would be handy as far as babytainment goes.  But life.  I feel like I’m in a perpetual balancing act – what I want to do and what I need to do for the kids; what books to read for either my pleasure or theirs; and what I want to wear versus what works for my mommy lifestyle.Sometimes the stars align along with all these interests.  And sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes it’s 40 degrees out and we’re doing yoga in the church gym for play group and we’re coming home to a messy lunch and messier diapers and the day calls for the most practical of outfits but I just want to feel productive and important and wear a floaty skirt and heels goshdurnit.

So I end up sacrificing my twirly skirt needs (a martyr, I am) for my colored skinnies/stripes/cute flats (or boots) uniform and get giggles and cuddles and rolls on the ground and soft smiles and sauce-covered kisses in return.  And I think it’s a pretty terrific trade after all.


 (yes, I know I already posted these pictures but they fit with my “uniform”…also this is the only time I’ve ever reworn an outfit ever obvi)

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