Good Days & Bad Days

There are some days when I crawl into bed late and annoyed and just wanting a new day to begin.  There are others, though, when I fall into bed exhausted but happy.  I’ve been mulling over what makes a day good instead of bad lately so I can try to do more of the good and avoid the bad (or at try harder. A for effort?).  Here are some that came to mind (keeping in mind that these are ones over which I have control…so while I love emails from friends and blog comments, I have little say in that):


  • Sleeping too late, which usually starts with having gone to bed too late
  • Neglecting to sit and actually eat breakfast
  • Being impatient with the kids, especially Nat (this is usually a result of lack of sleep/food…just call me predictagrumpy)
  • Spending too much time on the computer
  • Forgetting to mail a package for the umpteenth time…not sure why this is such a struggle for me but dangit it irks me to see stuff laying around at night when there’s nothing I can do about it
  • Not leaving the house (rainy days at home are the worst for all of our moods)
  • Not taking time to pursue a hobby
  • Throwing together a last-minute dinner lacking in vegetable content
  • Not making the bed (this happens so so infrequently, but when it does, oh, how it just makes the rest of the day terrible)


  • Awaking early, ate breakfast while conversing with the kids
  • Reading scriptures to the kids
  • Practicing my violin
  • Pursuing hobbies (read a book, did a craft, etc.)
  • Exercising
  • Going on an outing, and getting enough sunlight.  not kidding.
  • Creating teaching moments with the kids, both academically and spiritually
  • Reading books to and did activities with the kids
  • Completing household chores (washed/folded/put away laundry, dishes, cleaned/tidied)
  • Spending time with friends in good conversation
  • Talking to my mom on the phone
  • Teaching the kids to be gentle and loving to each other and to have fun together
  • Being patient and succeeding in giving options, reasoning, and especially listening to Nat’s feelings
  • Creating a planned-ahead and wholesome meal
  • Baking some sort of longer-term food (e.g., making bread or granola as opposed to just making that night’s dinner)
  • Reading a book with Dan
  • Carving out special time for my sweet, patient, and sometimes neglected second child
  • Actively playing with the kids (this is hard for me. I’m the type of mom that is good at reading books with her kids, doing activities, talking, etc., but I don’t love getting down on the floor and playing with blocks and such.  So I’m probably overly pleased with myself when this actually happens)
  • Doing the budget
  • Creating cute outfits for me and the kids (maybe sad? but true) 
  • Doing a family activity, like riding bikes or going on a walk
  • Doing kind things – sending a card or gift, taking someone a meal, reaching out to an e-friend, etc.
  • Having sturdy nap times
  • Doing something new (e.g., Dan and I are taking a swing dance class)
  • Having something to look forward to (a trip, weekend, or even just dinner out)

Some of these happen more regularly than others.  Reading books to the kids, for instance, happens on a daily (or really, hourly) basis.  Exercise is a little trickier, and I tend to fall victim to the weather more often than I’d like.  This list also reminds me that I’m incredibly task-oriented, so a good day generally involves checking off lots of boxes and lists, even if they are little things.

What makes a good and bad day for you?

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