Things That Make Me Happy Monday

Cardigan: J.Crew Factory; Skirt: made by me; Necklace: F21; Belt/Shoes: thrifted; Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

On Friday night, Dan and I went on a for reals date.  Like, with no kids, out of the house, with an after-activity dessert and all.  It was delightful.  We went to see the ballet, and every time, no fail, it gets me like crazy.  The strength!  The beauty!  Amazing.  And then we closed out some night with terrifically large frozen hot chocolate.  So, that was amazing.


D and I are huge dorks and think all plural things should end with “en.”  Like oxen?  So, boyen.  Girlen.  And as D & Nat were headed out the door Saturday morning to get the car fixed, Nat called for all the boyen to come and said the girlen were staying home.  So that understandably made our morning.


Cinco de Mayo.  The holiday that Mexicans don’t care about but that we use as an excuse to eat buckets of guacamole and dip and my favorite enchiladas.  Yes.


What didn’t make my morning was having them gone the whooooole day getting the car fixed and getting new tires to the tune of nearly $700.  Yipes.  But that did mean I had some free time to whip up this little skirt.  And it has contrasting pockets.  And I’m fairly certain that all skirts should have pockets, yes?

So the boyen finally got home and we hopped in the car after some quick and very late naps and drove out in the gorgeous evening and Nat, out of the blue, looked over from his carseat to kina’s and said, “I love you, kina.  You’re my best friend, kina!”  And then the world was just the rightest of the right.

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  • The frozen hot chocolate sounds intriguing! I wonder if it's like Chock on the Rocks that I had once (and loved). (The rocks were ice.)

    Sorry about the car fix. That really hurts. I hate unexpected big expenses!

  • I was shocked to spend Cinco de Mayo in the very center of Mexico City and see… absolutely nothing. You walk down an American grocery store and see guacamole! and chips! and horchata! but you're right. The Mexicans don't care.

    Cute skirt! 🙂

  • The color palette of your outfit – the mix of yellow, coral and orange – is gorgeous! I agree that pockets, especially in a contrasting print, are necessary. 🙂

  • This outfit is AMAZING. It's so fresh and springy! And I am a firm believer in skirts/dresses with pockets. I love making my own skirts so I can add them!

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