Fall-ify White Pants, 5 Ways

Happy after-Labor Day!  Despite our "big" summer trip only being a driving one to places a few hours away, I really feel like we've sucked the life out of this summer with experiencing so much right in our backyard.  Because we've been busy doing so many fun things, this summer has really flown by, and I feel like my white pants haven't really gotten a fair shot at life (also see: there is no way I'm wearing them while spending multiple hours in the car).

Because I am a rebel at life, behold, White Pants After Labor Day, 5 Ways!

(Also, my boots?  All of them?  Have mysteriously disappeared.  I remember packing them away in our attic before summer started - so, you know, about 6 weeks ago - but cannot for the life of me find them.  So they're notably missing from these pictures.  You can just imagine them into a few outfits, especially the last one.)

A plaid button-up immediately screams fall to me  I love the look of the red with the bright white.  Add a cross-body, some oxfords, and some subtle pattern-mixing with argyle socks and you're ready for a day at the park.
Shirt: Target (similar); Pants: Forever 21; Necklace: old; Socks: Gap (similar); Oxfords: Forever 21 (similar, kinda want these); Cross-body: thrifted

Date Night
My mustard cardigan is another fall staple.  I love pairing it with gray, and the pretty, sparkly belt, gold necklace, and yellow heels step it right up for a date night out.

Cardigan: Target (similar); Blouse: Downeast Basics; Pants: Forever 21; Belt: J.Crew Factory (similar); Heels: thrifted; Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)

Business Casual
This would probably vary based on your place of employment, but I know that when I was working, this outfit would definitely work, especially on a Friday.  The blazer steps it up a notch, but the bright color keeps it firmly in the mom-realm if you don't have anywhere special to be.  Plus, red/white/black always looks classy, in my opinion.

Blazer: J.Crew, old (similar); Top: Forever 21 (similar); Pants: Forever 21; Black kitten heels (similar): old; Necklace: H&M; Bracelet: c/o YuniKelley; Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

Back to School
I've loved watching my Instagram feed light up with all the pictures of cute kiddies heading off to school.  This outfit would be perfect for meeting with a teacher - looks put together and clean but not too formal.  Add in a gorgeous fallish scarf and some owl socks, and you're set.  Plus, oxford booties?  Yes.

Sweater: Shade (similar); Pants: Forever 21; Scarf: India; Socks: Forever 21 (similar); Oxfords: Payless; Bracelet: c/o YuniKelley; Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

Brunch with Girlfriends
The big, cozy sweater, loose top, and big bag are perfect for a long and lazy brunch with friends.  Here's where I meant to include boots, but you can just add them in your head.

Cardigan: thrifted (similar); Top: Target (similar); Pants: Forever 21; Leopard flats: Target (similar); Bag: Payless; Bracelet: c/o YuniKelley; Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

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  1. I love these, especially the stripes and scarf. I've been looking everywhere for one in this burgundy color but, alas...I don't see a trip to India in my future :)

  2. Really like the unusual combo of white and mustard. The shoes take the outfit a notch up!

  3. Lovely outfits, I especially like the one with the spotty top. You're not the only one breaking the rules, I am wearing my white linen pants today. Do keep us updated on the mystery of the missing boots, hope you find them soon!

  4. I LOVE how wonderfully cozy all of your looks are here!!

  5. I love white pants! I'm looking forward to digging mine out after being away for the winter. Cute with the dots and blazer!

  6. I love all these ideas. Unfortunately, or fortunately for the rest of the population, I do not own any white pants. Also, I see you are rocking the Saltwater Sandal tan. As am I. That means you had a good summer.

  7. I say white after labor day is perfectly acceptable! I love this remix so much - definitely makes me wish I had a pair of white jeans! I especially love the white pants with the polka dot tee and pink blazer!

  8. These are all so cute!! All such prefect looks for fall. I love how you've designated different outings to these. The polka dot and stripe looks are my favourite as I love both polka dots and stripes!

  9. I love these looks! Nice job adding touches of fall to each outfit! :)

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