35 Weeks: Un-Flagged



Shirt: F21; Skirt: Shabby Apple; Earrings: Brasil; Necklace: Indian wedding necklace; Sandals: Payless
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First off, how is it possible that I’m 35 weeks along already?  I feel like this pregnancy has flown
by.  I definitely don’t feel ready to wrangle a toddler and a newborn,
but I suppose one is never really ready for that, sooo…

Moving on.  We’re back to my old staples of a stretchy skirt and tee, with the added benefit of pant legs not getting wet in the rain.  (Does that irk anyone else to no end?)  Dan kept saying I looked like a flag in this outfit.  I know I have stripes and dots, but it’s CORAL, people, not red.  There’s a difference.  Right?

2 Responses

  • 1. YES! I hate when my pants get wet in the rain. I actually prefer to wear dresses in the rain. I once got asked about that because I wore a dress (with leggings or tights) on a snowy day… and someone was like "what are you nuts" and I am like no this way my pants dont get wet and I can wear boots all day.

    2. You do not look like a flag. Ha-ha that's silly. This coral skirt is adorable.

    3. You are looking great! Just wanted to let you know! 🙂


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