A Fall Outfit & Recipe

Dress: Francesca’s Collection; Cardi: Gap; Earrings: Gift from friend; Scarf: Gift from friend (India); Leggings: Target; Boots: Payless
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I really really love fall.  The food, the cool air, and, of course, the clothes.  Be glad that you don’t know me in real life to hear me talk incessantly about that ever-interesting subject, the weather.

This is my favorite, super-easy fall breakfast.  It’s the perfect thing for those chilly fall mornings when everyone needs a little extra comfort because your toddler has somehow managed use the curtain to knock a picture frame into his crib (yes, it shattered all over his crib, and no, he was not hurt – thank goodness).  Or because he, while previously uninterested in even approaching his baby sister, has suddenly decided to be big brotherly and heard her crying on the couch for the millisecond you had your back turned and picked her up to bring to you but then dropped her when you involuntarily and stupidly shrieked.  (Saving graces – it was under the armpits and he dropped her over pillows onto her feet, and he still liked and wanted to “hold baby kina!” after I was done comforting everyone.)  It was all very sweet once I determined that no one was mortally injured.  Supermom at your service.

Anyway, this is all a very long story to say that this is excellent for those mornings when everyone just needs some extra comfort, dangit.  I almost feel silly sharing it because it’s really not even a recipe.  But it hadn’t occurred to me to spoon Nutella into oatmeal until a month or so ago, so if it can help even one other person see the light, well, then my work is done.

Nutella Almond Banana Oatmeal

Make oatmeal like you normally do (I do old fashioned oats and cover with milk and cook in the microwave for 2 minutes because I’m lazy).  Spoon in 1 T Nutella and slice bananas and almonds on top.  Wonder at the fact that you never before tried this.

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