Good job, United, but BOO eShakti

So do you remember when I wrote all about how much I loathe United Airlines?  Well, guess what?  Over four months later, they finally wrote me back!  I know, I was shocked, too.  I had basically completely forgotten about the whole experience and had for sure given up hope on ever hearing from them again.  It looks like it was my letter to the Department of Transportation that actually got through to a human being instead of some random drone.

The Good: They contacted us again and tried to make peace.  There was one person to whom I could actually respond, and with whom I could have an email conversation (instead of passing me off to a different person each time).  This person was kind and articulate and actually listened to what I wrote.  They offered us each travel certificates (not a huge amount, but should at least cover one one-way domestic flight) as well as a very minimal number of goodwill frequent flier miles (would cover exactly nothing, except perhaps some random magazine subscription, but a nice gesture nonetheless :)).

The Bad: They still did nothing to address my actual concerns.  While they acknowledged that they failed miserably, there were no plans for how to address situations like this in the future.  We’ll see if they get things figured out as they have some more time in the merger…

Okay, so this one just makes me sad.  I loved the idea of eShakti, where they let you customize their designs to your perfect fit and style (e.g, you can make things longer or shorter or add sleeves or whatever).  I wanted to love their company.  But I just can’t stand behind a company that doesn’t stand behind its products.

I purchased this skirt from them earlier this year.  I wore it a grand total of, I think, 4 times.  (And, uh, perhaps I shouldn’t be sharing this in a public forum, but I hadn’t even washed it in that time…don’t judge, I’d only worn it to church and the temple, okay?)  Then once when I was wearing it, the entire back seam ripped open from the bottom to the middle of the skirt.  I wasn’t even walking fast or bending over – I was just going from my living room to my kitchen (thank the heavens that I was at home).  I peeked at the seam to see if I had done something to it, but looking at it, I noticed that it had SUPER shoddy workmanship.  It was all uneven and sloppy and loose and was bound to tear.  And this was after they’d already messed up the measurements of the skirt – it was way too big when I got it (especially in the waist), but I procrastinated sending them updated measurements for a few weeks, and by then, I had found out I was practically into my second trimester of pregnancy, so I didn’t even know what measurements to send.  (It did fit perfectly during that trimester, for what it’s worth.)

So I contacted them about it five times before even getting a response.  I was told that it had been too long since I’d purchased the skirt for them to do anything about it – it had been 5 months, two of which I’d been trying to contact them via email/website/phone and had received no response.  They basically said tough luck on the skirt (which had cost upwards of $60, not including shipping) and offered me a $15 gift card (which gets you exactly nothing on their site).  I’d rather not spend lots of my own money on purchasing another inferior item, thanks.

Overall, I’m bummed that a company for which I had high hopes has both poor quality clothing and service.

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  • kLM recently lost my luggage and when it was delivered the next day, they had added a voucher to it. 25 euros isn't much when you consider how much it costs to fly with them transatlantically, but it's more than United has ever done for me.

    Also, I hardly ever wash my skirts unless I spill on them. That's one of the reasons I like them so much.

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