Things That Make Me Happy Monday

Cardi: F21; Plaid Button Down: Target; Barely visible striped shirt: H&M; Sparkly belt: J.Crew Factory; Jeans: Target; Boots: Payless; Scarf: H&M; Umbrella: Ikea
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  • Family in town, even for a short bit, this weekend.  Nat had an absolute blast with his cousins, as always.
  • D getting Tuesday off because of MORE family in town.  The best.
  • Nat reading to kina.  He just dragged over his chair and a book and started telling her about Goofy.  Most adorable thing ever (photo below).
  • Baby snuggles.
  • Gobi butter masala for dinner.  Yum.
  • My laptop keyboard spontaneously being fixed. Nat accidentally got the command key stuck a month or two ago, so I couldn’t type anything because it always thought I was typing a command.  I’d been using an external keyboard since, which was super annoying.  All of a sudden, my keyboard is magically fixed!  D was typing something and said Nat hit something and it was fixed.  Maybe I should have asked Nat how to fix it in the first place.

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