Rakuten: My Favorite Way to Save Money On Gifts

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It’s that time of year when lots of people are thinking about how to allocate funds for gifts. Between 4 fall birthdays + Diwali + Christmas, there’s a lot to plan for this time of year for us. And whether I’m planning experience gifts or consumable gifts, I’m always happy to get a good deal to save money on gifts, and also plan ahead to save up ahead of time.

I’ve been using Rakuten for more than a decade, and it’s basically the easiest way to do both. Every time I make a purchase, I check on Rakuten to see if the store I’m shopping from is listed on there. (It almost always is, since there are THOUSANDS of stores on there like Walmart, Target, KiwiCo, Old Navy, Madewell, Mixbook, H&M, Zappos and many, many more.)

Plus, Rakuten is offering a $30 cash back bonus with this referral link for anyone who signs up and spends at least $30 – meaning you essentially get a free $30 purchase! (It will only offer you $10 back if you go directly to the site instead of using this referral link.)

holiday pajamas for the family

How to Use Rakuten

Using Rakuten is super simple. Here’s what to do to earn cash back on every purchase from a store listed on there.

  1. Go to Rakuten.com and sign up for an account. (Use this link to get $30 off your first purchase if you spend $30 or more.)
  2. Use the search bar at the top to find the store you need and click on it.
  3. Click on the “Shop Now” button on the store’s Rakuten page.
  4. Make your purchase as normal on the store’s website. Feel free to use any discount codes the store is offering at checkout!
  5. That’s it! You’ll automatically get a percentage cash back into your Rakuten account. Rakuten will automatically send you that money every quarter. You can set up your preference for a check or PayPal in your Rakuten account.

How Does Rakuten Work? Do They Sell My Info?

Rakuten works based on a commission structure, just like any affiliate program. Basically stores are advertising on Rakuten to show up to more eyeballs. Rakuten then takes a cut of the purchase price as a fee for showing the store on their site, and passes on part of that cut to you. That’s it!

As I mentioned, I’ve used Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) for years and years. It’s always been safe, secure, simple, and I love getting money back. I can easily find discount codes on their site, and I get a percentage back to save up for holidays, to save money on gifts, or to use on anything else. It’s the best!

How Do I Get $30 Cash Back To Save Money on Gifts?

Rakuten is currently offering a special sign up bonus when you use this referral link. You get $30 cash back to your Rakuten account when you make your first purchase (as long as the purchase is at least $30). This is on top of the percentage cash back.

Scenario 1: Blow Dryer Brush from Walmart

For instance, imagine you want to purchase my very favorite blow dryer brush from Walmart.

First, sign up for Rakuten and click through to Walmart. Then search for the blow dryer brush and put it in your Walmart cart. It’s on sale for under $32, so that covers your $30 purchase.

After your purchase, you’ll get $30 back in your Rakuten account, which will get paid out quarterly (either check of PayPal). You’ll also get 1% cash back in your Rakuten account (so $0.32) for a total of $30.32 cash back. Sometimes these take a few days to show up in your account (but you can always email Rakuten if you’re concerned).

That means that you’ll get your blow dryer brush and pajamas nearly for free! It’s a great way to get something you’ve wanted for yourself at an incredible deal, or to save money on gifts.

Scenario 2: KiwiCo 6-month Subscription

Say you’d like to purchase a 6-month subscription to KiwiCo. They have amazing STEM-based activity boxes from ages 0-adult. They’re so great for creative, independent play. They’re currently offering 7.5% on Rakuten!

You can go and sign up for Rakuten with this link to activate your $30 bonus. Then search for KiwiCo on the Rakuten account and click through. Add a 3-month subscription to your cart for a total of $89.85 + tax. You can currently use the code GIFTING for $15 off, bringing your total to $74.85 + tax.

After your purchase, you’ll get your $30 bonus + 7.5% ($5.61) for a total of about $35.61. That means you’ll be paying about $39.24 + tax for your 3-month subscription.

Scenario 4: Hanna Andersson Pajamas

Perhaps you need holiday pajamas for your 2 kids. Hanna Andersson pajamas are amazing, but a bit pricey. Turns out they’re currently having a sale and kids’ holiday pajamas are $29 each. You decide to go for a classic deer print. You add two pairs to your cart for a total of $58. Shipping is free and tax is $5.37 for a total of $63.37.

Within a few days after completing your purchase, you’ll get your $30 bonus plus 1% cash back ($0.58) for a total of $30.58 cash back. That means you’ll pay a total of $32.79 for TWO pairs of Hanna Andersson pajamas!

Thousands of Stores on Rakuten

There are literally THOUSANDS of stores listed on Rakuten, so the options are endless to get a fantastic deal. It’s the easiest way to make purchases you were ALREADY planning to make, but just get free money back for making them. And it’s my favorite way to save money on gifts!

Be sure to sign up for your free $30 cash back while it’s available!!

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