We’ve really appreciated having a jump starter available in the RV while we travel. We also love having it in our normal minivan at home.

In fact, when we got back from our big RV trip, we hadn’t driven our car in about 4 months. We should’ve taken out the battery or had a neighbor drive it, but just didn’t remember. Of course, the battery was dead.

We got it restarted, but I was nervous about driving it on my own until it had been consistently charged for a few days. Fortunately, we had this amazing and tiny external jump start so that I could very easily give it a jump all on my own if needed. It’s SO simple to use, and doesn’t require another car!

It’s currently on sale for under $50 and the different versions are FLYING out of stock. Grab one while you can – it’s also a great and useful holiday gift!

This tire inflator is also on sale for under $28. We needed one once for a flat tire and it’s just such a relief having it in the trunk. Well worth the pennies, and perfect for a car emergency kit.