Do you see the benefits of global learning and family travel in teaching curiosity, empathy, and kindness? Do you want to raise culturally curious, globally minded kids?

We all tend to like what is familiar to us. And being familiar with the world and its people is an amazing way to foster love and understanding.

I’ve traveled to 62 countries (43 with kids!), and our family has studying many more right from home. So I’ve seen firsthand how global learning can strengthen kids and families. I’m delighted to share inspiration, strategies, and resources to help you connect your family to the world.

As a mom of 5, I know how overwhelming it can be to get started. So I’ve created a FREE 5-day email course to help you out. It will set up the perfect launchpad for you to start including a diverse global education into everyday conversations and activities.

The course will share information like:

  • Inspiration on why it’s important to teach our kids about the world
  • Virtual travel ideas, including book recommendations
  • Family travel essentials
  • and more!

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