South Korea Movement Activities


A Korean warrior started practicing how to fight without weapons about 2,000 years ago, and Tae Kwon Do “the way of the first and foot” was born.  It is now an official Olympic Sport, with competitors training in 188 countries.

Maybe you’ve already mastered the art of kicking four targets in the same jump.  If not, try out this beginner’s lesson.

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No country produces as many top golfers as South Korea: 38 of the top 100 women golfers in the world are South Korean! Lydia Ko remains the youngest golfer to ever win a professional tournament at age 14. You could try to hit a golf ball around in your backyard or a nearby park, or maybe even build your very own improvised mini-golf course!

Play: Korean Folk Games

You can find a number of simple and traditional Korean folk games right here!

Korean Music for Kids

Korean National Anthem

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Korean Movement Activities for Kids

Korean Folk Dance: Geommu

Traditional Korean Sword Dance.

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