Facts About South Korea

South Korea Basic Facts

  • The capital of South Korea is Seoul.
  • The official name is the Republic of Korea in English, 대한민국 (Daehan Minguk) in Korean writing (Hangeul).
  • Moon Jae-in is the current President of South Korea.
  • South Korea is located in East Asia.
  • The country is bordered by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) to the north.
  • Korean is the official and national language of South Korea. The Hanguk dialect is spoken in South Korea.
  • The currency in South Korea is the South Korean won = 1200 South Korean won ~ $1 USD
  • Korea has 4 distinct seasons.
  • Some of the common religions are: Protestant Christianity (19.7%), Korean Buddhism (15.5%) Catholic Christianity (7.9%)
  • The main industries include textile, steel, car manufacturing, shipbuilding and electronics. South Korea is the world’s largest producer of semiconductors.

South Korea Fun Facts

  • You are one year old as soon as you are born in Korea.
  • The YouTube video of Gangnam Style was the most-watched YouTube video ever. BTS has had more views in 24-hours than any other video in the history of videos. The all-girl band Blackpink just broke a record for the most simultaneous views of a video, when 1,650,000+ people watched “How You Like That.”
  • Korean culture highly values family, ancestors, and respecting elders.
  • On average, Koreans work a 55-hour week, 15-hours longer than what is standard in the US.
  • People who live in Seoul sleep an average of less than six hours per night.

History & Geography Videos About South Korea

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Map of South Korea

Color in South Korea on this map of Asia!

South Korea Flag Activity

The South Korean flag has three parts: a white background, a red and blue Taegeuk in the middle and four black trigrams facing each corner.

Flag of South Korea.svg

Flag from HERE

HERE is a fun printable South Korea flag coloring sheet!

Famous South Korean Landmarks

Featured Important South Korean Person: Seo Taji and Boys

K-Pop music is famous for combining different styles of pop music with other musical elements from around the world. This mixing happened at least as early as 1885 when a Pennsylvanian Protestant missionary taught Korean lyrics with English folk songs. More popularly, Seo Taiji & Boys performed some English lyrics and hip hop dance moves to Korean tunes on a Korean talent show in 1992. This moment started Hallyu, or the modern “Korean culture wave,” in which so many other parts of the world have grown to love Korean culture.

YouTube video