One of my big priorities with this account is to make exploring the world more accessible for ALL families, both through travel and right from home. I love sharing tips, tricks, deals, gear, and encouragement to support other families! And one of the best ways we’ve been able to make exploring happen, especially far from home, is through credit card points and miles.

I know credit card rewards travel can be a bit overwhelming, which is why I created this free Credit Card Rewards Travel 101 guide. It has lots of info to get you going! And I also would love to provide some extra support to help people get started in the process.

That’s why I’m introducing this FREE 5-day email course on getting started with credit card points and miles travel! You’ll get 5 simple emails to get you started with saving money and making travel happen, especially with a family, as well as tips for when it makes sense to use points and miles and when it doesn’t. Because rewards travel with kids is a bit different, especially if you want to go places beyond all-inclusive resorts.

I’ll share ways to save on costs such as flights, hotels, and even restaurants and gas, in a way that hopefully allows for lots of cultural enrichment beyond just hanging around a resort, and allows for support of native and Indigenous communities. Plus, I’ll include some extra tips on traveling with a family on a budget, as well as access to email me back with any questions you may have.

I hope this helps – can’t wait to help you get started!