We have a friend through church who has been working closely with refugee families to care for their needs and wants. This holiday season, she asked for volunteers to put together some boxes with gifts for the children. We thought it would be a fun and meaningful opportunity for our kids to each put together a gift box for a child their own age. The recommended spending amount was between £15-30, so we tried to stay at the higher end of that. (The pricing was also a bit different on the items here in the UK!)

Most of the boxes are fairly unisex, but I included the gender of my kids for reference. I loved seeing the things they picked out – they’re a mix of old favorites and things they’d love to see. Whether you’re shopping for your child, a friend, or a child in need, I hope this helps give you some great ideas by age.

13 Year Old Boy

11 Year Old Girl

9 Year Old Boy

6 Year Old Boy

3 Year Old Girl