Featured Filipino Food: Philippines Recipes for Kids

Filipino Pancit

Pancit means noodles, which means there are many different ways of preparing this traditional dish. Almost every Filipino family will have its own version! This is a great basic pancit recipe, and you can adapt it however you like!


Filipino Style Spaghetti

Filipino spaghetti? That’s right! This popular comfort food dish has sliced and fried hot dogs and a sauce slightly sweetened from banana ketchup (you can use regular ketchup with a bit of sugar instead). It’s very popular with Filipino kids and in homes!

Here’s a recipe for how to make it yourself with staples you probably have at home!


Other Filipino Recipes
  • Authentic pancit recipe (a very popular Filipino noodle dish)
  • Banana cue (a very simple snack of bananas coated in brown sugar and fried!)



Animals in the Philippines

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