I often get asked for products that we use that happen to show up in my Instagram Stories. I’ll try to link them here and keep it updated for your convenience!

Yellow Quilted Top

So many of you asked for the link to this top. It’s super soft and comfortable and perfect for fall. I’m in a size small.

Kids Snorkeling Set

After I shared this Reel with some snorkeling tips with kids, I got a number of requests for our kids’ snorkeling gear. We’ve really liked this set that comes with goggles, a snorkel, and fins. I wasn’t sure we’d need the flippers but it makes it easier for them to focus on viewing instead of swimming or treading water. They’ve worked really well so far!

The one that Dan and I have is out of stock, but this adult snorkel set is very similar and has great reviews.

Here are a couple other kids’ sets that look great:

  • Target
  • Amazon – this one has a cute character and is on sale

We like using this kids life jacket for my younger kiddos – makes it easier to stay afloat. (This is another good one.) This is the best infant life jacket – we don’t exactly take the baby snorkeling, but it’s great for boats! (All of these are Coast Guard-approved for boats.)

Magna Tiles

I’m very much a “read my kids lots of books and take them fun places” kind of mom and very much NOT a “play on the floor with them” kind of mom. I’ve never liked LEGOs very much, even as a kid. BUT somehow Magna Tiles are different? I don’t know, but they’re one of the few toys we keep around the house and that I’ll also get on the floor and do with my kids. And I love that every one of my kids, from almost-11 down to age 1, can play with and enjoy them. We’ve had ours for years and they literally get played with almost ever single day.

They only very rarely go on sale, but this set is almost half off!

Our Favorite Pajamas

We’ve had this brand of pajamas since our oldest was an infant, and the ONLY ones that have held up through 5 kids. I just got some new darling turtle, apple, and sheep ones for the baby, apple ones for my older daughter, and fox and bear ones for my little boys!

Triple Bunk Bed & Zip Up Bedding

We recently got this triple bunk bed for our big kids’ room, as well as this incredible zip up bedding that makes it so easy to make bunk beds. We were always struggling with beds looking untidy (even with duvets folded at the foot of the bed) and now they look SO much better. While they’re great for bunks, they’re also perfect for any bed as it helps kids (and adults ;)) make the bed so quickly and easily!

1000 Piece Surrealism Puzzle

We’ve been working on this puzzle during our family read aloud time at night and it’s been so lovely!

Minimal Hairbow Holder

I was looking for a good solution to contain all my girls’ hairbows and stumbled across this one. I love that it’s relatively minimalist but still pretty, and holds a lot of bows and also headbands. It’s perfect for us!

Butterfly Garden

Our kids have loved this opportunity to raise butterflies from caterpillars!

The Dyrt Signup Link

If you’re looking for RV and camping tips, The Dyrt is the way to go!

Camelot Junior

This is my very favorite logic-type puzzle for young children. It’s great for ages 3 to adult – the first challenges are easy enough for preschoolers, but the later ones get quite difficult. I love using it for Friday math practice – it challenges logic and spatial and geometry muscles with this 3D puzzle

Gold Picture Frames in Hallway

We have the 11×14″ frames matted to 5×7

Mat Under Baby High Chair

This vegan leather mat has been a lifesaver for our floors under the baby’s high chair. It’s waterproof, cleans up easily, and doesn’t look hideous!