United Kingdom Movement Activities

Soccer, rugby, golf, boxing, and cricket were ALL invented in the United Kingdom!

Play: Tug of War (Source)

What You Need: football/softball, tennis balls/cricket balls

How to Play: You need a big lightweight ball for this game – a gym style bouncy ball is ideal. If you don’t have a large ball, however, you can use a softball and play on a flat surface (rather than grass).

Split up into two teams and stand at opposite ends of your playing area. Place the ball in the middle. While staying in their own area and using nothing but tennis balls, the teams must try to push the center ball back to their opponent’s area.

To ensure safety, all balls must be thrown underarm and not above waist height. Use bouncy tennis balls instead of harder cricket ball

UK Music

Don’t forget to listen to some British music while doing your activities! Here are some favorites:

The Beatles
Elton John
One Direction
George Frederic Handel
John Lennon

YouTube video

YouTube video