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Vietnam Movement Activities

Like in much of the world, football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Vietnam and is also the national sport. It was introduced by the French under colonialism.

Vietnamese traditional wrestling is called “dau vat.” It is well-choreographed and almost looks like a dance!

Đẩy gậy is another traditional Vietnamese sport where competitors hold a stick and try to push each other out of a circle. You can watch below!

Play: Vietnamese Folk Games

You can find a number of simple and traditional Vietnamese folk games right here!

Vietnamese Music for Kids

Don’t forget to listen to some Vietnamese music while doing your activities! Here are some options:

Ca Tru Music:

Ca Tru is primarily sung in Northern Vietnam. It uses lyrics in the form of Vietnamese poetry!

Vietnamese National Anthem

Vietnamese Movement Activities for Kids

Vietnamese Folk Dance

The lion dance came to Vietnam from China and developed its own style.